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Último Proyecto

Rin Rin

Diseño de identidad visual para el bar ubicado en el edificio Casa Trujillo del barrio Chapinero de Bogotá, lugar donde el artista Sergio Trujillo Magnenat (1911–1999) vivió con su familia.+ leer más

Última Entrada

Dos mil catorce

El top 10 del 2014 según Juan Pablo.+ leer más

Última Obsesión

Sonido en Estéreo

La última adición del estudio, dos parlantes que se sincronizan via bluetooth y suenan en estéreo. Increíble.+ leer más

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We have a new website

25/06/13 por Juan Pablo Mejía

After more than four hundred and thirty days without a website we can (finally) say that we have one. It’s taken us a long time, we were focused on several projects (and unfocused on our own). Our last blog post was written in 2011, and some things have definitely changed.

There are still some projects waiting to be uploaded and minor changes (and bugs) to be corrected. I wanted to write a really great inauguration post but it’s been a long time without writing, so I guess it’ll take time (I hope so).

We’ve been really busy working on a couple of projects, the year is going fast, and we want more time for our side projects. Let’s say this is beta.

Shame on us.