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On time (we are back)

08/06/11 by Juan Pablo Mejía

We started a blog with our last website. It is difficult to write about design (I find it difficult), but we believe a writing experience can enforce what we understand by design. Design deals with a language problematic. It is through language that design can understand where it actually is, today.

A blog. This is meant to be a journal about a growing experience, our ongoing  project has given us the opportunity to discuss what we expect and what we discover, what we suppose and what we miss. We decided to update our website at the end of last year, well, we have finally (proudly) finished this important task. It has also been a long time since I last sat down to write in english, maybe since high school, so I excuse myself for grammar and misspelling (and other mistakes).

Time is a strange idea nowadays (well, it has always been, but it is even stranger now). A design project’s conception and development deals with two -still- strange concepts of time: the physical representation and the strange concept internet has and keeps on bringing to us. Establishing a dialogue between this two ideas of time has revealed what I consider project rush, an urgency of finishing projects before they have even started.

We are on a race, or we believe we are. The problem is not that projects must be quick, or finished rapidly, it deals with what the project actually is. What are we doing? Why are we doing it? What will be the natural life of the project? Will it die quickly (as it’s conception)? I believe understanding time is one of our greatest problems today, not because we could eventually give personal growth lectures on huge auditoriums or write an Osho type of book, but as a way to understand what is it that we actually do, and how are we doing it.

The ability to understand this notion of time and its relativeness can help reveal tools to think and develop great projects. I believe the writing exercise of a blog can help in this process. A post is actually a synthesis of what I just mentioned, a short amount of time, writing about several ideas, and they are not profoundly analyzed or discussed (they could be, actually). They are somewhere in between a contemporary problematic, a need to write, and actually doing it. Mentioned, they are mentioned, and I hope some other posts can amplify this and other issues.

For now we must say that we are really happy with our new website, with the projects we are currently developing and the ones we have finished. We have several ideas for blog posts written down, and we hope our monocromo project keeps on growing.

(By the way, we still have some of our last posts in spanish (some, the other ones were not worth it)).