MEl Monocromo


A political campaign conceived as a communication design project for Aurelio Suarez, Polo Democratico Alternativo’s candidate for Bogotá’s 2012 Mayor Office.

Sought a difference between the party’s past campaigns, using the poster and its graphic power as main communication element, reaching every single corner (and wall) of the city, revealing someone that was -apparently- unknown.

Project Director: Alejandra Posada / Executive Director: Ana María Montenegro / Design Director: Juan Pablo Mejía. / Designers: Santiago Reyes, Nicolás Galeano & Juan Pablo Mejía / Photography: Kai Van Tongeren / Web development: 8 Manos / El Monocromo / 2011

aurelio_1 aurelio_2 aurelio_3
aurelio_4 aurelio_5
aurelio_6 aurelio_7 aurelio_8

Divided in two stages. A visual identity intro, with ¿Aurelio? as a question mark embedded into six different posters with the other candidates’ heads. Highly contrasted, using only two colors, and compressed type inside PDA traditional black circle. This material served as a guideline for other print material: the program booklet, flyers, invitations, business cards, banners, t-shirts and caps.

aurelio_12 aurelio_13

The second stage was an affirmation; ¡Aurelio! revealed several pictures/illustrations of the candidate, having a lottery ticket appeal on the large posters, and a photographic-secuence on the smaller posters.

aurelio_16 aurelio_17 aurelio_18
aurelio_19 aurelio_20
aurelio_21 aurelio_21
aurelio_24 aurelio_25