MEl Monocromo


A communication design project for an emerging Colombian pop artist seeking new interaction means between artist-audience, real-virtual positioning. A project which aesthetic direction aimed to establish a visual identity and its several communication elements.

Music’s concept has gone thorough an important transformations since the internet; portable media players, mp3s and social networks have modified what we understood as music. Esteman is a pop music singer on the quest to reach a large number of people in a saturated -yet limited- latin market. How does he face this scenario from a pop music view? How can today social tools be used in order to establish a relationship between the artist and audience? The initial stage of the project is documented. Document, click here. Presentation, click here.

Design: Santiago Reyes & Juan Pablo Mejía / Photography: Juan Pablo Mejía / El Monocromo 2009–2010.

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