MEl Monocromo

I am Pakistan

I am Pakistan is an effort to raise awareness, to reveal a truth. A video about change in a country that faces diverse challenges today. Each section is based on a character who represents an idea.

This is Pakistan, a nation with different truths, where a dialogue between the character and reality builds an image of a country is and wants to be.

Design, Art Direction & Motion Graphics: Santiago Reyes & Juan Pablo Mejía. / Sound design: Alfonso Ordosgoitia / Developed with Sketch Studio / El Monocromo 2011.


Sterotypes define us. Or so they say. Pakistan is at a crossroad, it is a country facing change. Where do ideals of eastern and western democracy meet?


How can a stereotype become a different perception of who people really are? Of what they do and what they feel? Of what they hope and who they are as a nation?