MEl Monocromo

Design studio based in Bogotá that explores, discusses & works on culture, media, communication and design. We involve our clients directly in our ongoing conversations, discussions and process, expanding the idea of project. Design must amplify a thinking process, not the medium.

Design is a conversation. One that involves clients and designers, questions the present, acknowledges the past, and projects the future. We believe a design project is successful if a great relationship is established with our clients.

One that aims to understand who they are, where they’re from, what their lives have been, what do they expect, what do they love, what do they fear, what makes them happy, what do they hate, what their favourite music is, what they believe, how do they believe, where have they been and how do we see ourselves and our lives.

We know you want a list of all the things we do, even though we prefer to think of design as projects.

We design identities, books, newspapers, magazines, packages, websites, communication strategies, album covers & motion graphic videos.

Our aproach to websites is centered on design: interaction, legibility & user experience, optimising processes and our work.

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We believe on node production: working with great teams that amplify our conversations and enrich our work.

We believe design
is a conversation.

We love books.
Who doesn’t?

El Monocromo began in
2009 and as most bands do,
has changed its line-up a
couple of times.

We drink lots of water,
and there’s a plant
slowly invading our studio.

1985, 1986 & 1993.

This website took
longer than we expected,
we reached 450 days
without a website.


We are not a advertising
agency, and we don’t
behave like one.

We want to travel more.

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Juan Pablo directs
the studio, this has
led to migraines.

Salvo Patria is one of our favorite restaurants and we won a Lápiz de Acero (Colombian Design Award) for best visual identity in 2015. Calle 54A 4–13.

Dry Martini is
a studio’s favorite.

Juan Pablo’s most listened bands on (since 2007)
1. Yo la tengo
2. Richard Hawley
3. Pulp
4. Sonic Youth
5. David Bowie

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We admire our friends from Hasso & Beckett Simonon (yes, they’re the same guys).

Javier worked as a milk boy in his hometown Pasto when he was fifteen years old.

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Aurelio should’ve been Bogota’s 2012 Mayor.

Top 5 burgers in town up to date (and in no particular order)
1. La Xarcutería.
2. Gordo.
3. Burger Kill.
4. El Corral–Casera
5. Salvo Patria


Banks hate people
who are independent.

We’ve never used Helvetica for any project.

We should write more on our blog, or change the whole idea.

One of our favorite artists is Ana María Montenegro.

We want to work with people
who have time for one
long coffee (and maybe lunch).

We used to hate football,
now we love it.

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Jonny is a great artist and illustrator, his website is under construction, you can take a look at some of his work on his flickr account.

Every Monday we have a studio meeting at 9:00am.


Chapinero is a
great place to work.

Mirona is a design studio that sometimes works with us, sometimes competes against us, and sometimes has lunch with us.

Mauricio Giraldo taught some of us at school and is a personal (close) friend of the studio. Take a look at his work, most recently at the NYPLabs.

Alejandro Pinyol is one of our favorite architects and someone great to talk to. Take a look at his website.

Juan Pablo took 1h37min to run the 2013 Bogotá Half Marathon.

Alejandro Gutiérrez is our favorite cook, he directs Salvo Patria, our favorite restaurant.

I want to live like common people. I want to do whatever common people do.

Cerosetenta is not only one of one of our favorite projects, but actually won the 2015 Lapiz de Acero for best website.

Andrés Oyuela is a great photographer, he tells (and has lived) the most amazing stories–ever. We designed his website btw.

Juan Felipe Rubio is one of our favourite photographers, he’s been almost everywhere and we really envy (hate) and admire him. Take a look at his work.

Mónica is our latest studio member, we can’t understand why she didn’t know anything about David Bowie.

We <3 Trello.

If you want to work with us as a client or be part of our team, please do contact us.

Our friends from 8 manos are responsible for the development of this website.

Todo viene
y todo pasa.

This website
is set on Aperçu.

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