MEl Monocromo

Rin Rin

Design for the bar based in the Chapinero neighborhood in Bogota, inside the building where the artist and illustrator Sergio Trujillo Magnenat (1911–1999) used to live.

The bar is named after Rin Rin, a children’s magazine that was designed and illustrated entirely by Sergio Trujillo Magnenat based on Rafael Pombo’s fables. The building was remodeled recently, aiming to preserve and enhance it’s original appearance (the building is on architectural conservation) and the whole idea of the project was born. All the illustrations used throughout the project are scanned and edited versions of his original work, re–interpreted throughout the communication system.

Artworks & Illustrations: Sergio Trujillo Magnenat / Design Direction: Juan Pablo Mejía / Design: Javier Calle, Mónica Córdoba, Juan Pablo Mejía / Font: La Silueta (digitalized based on original illustrations from the artist) / The Conversation: Sergio Trujillo Dávila, Juan Manuel Ortiz, Alejandro Gutiérrez, Laura Valenzuela, Mónica Córdoba, Javier Calle & Juan Pablo Mejía / El Monocromo / 2016

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