MEl Monocromo

The Paradox of Ugliness

Editorial and template design for Annelie Franke’s research project for the Design Department research collection at Universidad de los Andes.

This project explores the beauty of apparent ugliness on the (excess of) photographs produced on an everyday basis. Written in English and Spanish, the design sets a two tier system throughout the book; identifying elements through page colours and photographs. Heimat Sans, a legible but extreme (ugly?) typeface designed by Christop Dunst was used as a typographic methodology and means to the explore the theme and research.

Design Direction: Annelie Franke & Juan Pablo Mejía / Design: Javier Calle, Mónica Córdoba, Juan Pablo Mejía / The Conversation: Annelie Franke, Mónica Córdoba, Javier Calle & Juan Pablo Mejía / El Monocromo / 2016

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