MEl Monocromo

Too Cool For School

Visual identity for the bespoke jackets and coats brand. A service design that establishes different stages in order to build tailored jackets that suit and fit perfectly. The brand explores what it is for a man to dress today.

The service explores the idea of process on a visual identity project, thinking and re–working each stage and their pieces. Two different moments: Browsing and deciding. The first aims to reveal what a bespoke jacket is by using illustration and color on several pieces. The latter reveals what the product is by using black & white, letting the jacket stand out. You can view the project’s website here. You can view the website project here.

Design Direction: Juan Pablo Mejía / Project Direction: Simón Martelo & Juan Pablo Mejía / Design: Nicolás Galeano & Juan Pablo Mejía / Photography: Juan Pablo Mejía / Jacket model illustrations: Stefhany Yepes / Detail and jacket illustrations: Alejandra Hernández / Package design: Felkin Pinilla & Juan Pablo Mejía / El Monocromo / 2013

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Design decisions aim to understand the process and establish new conversations, involving more people with the project as time passes by. Ten models establish a foundation helping the client define what to expect and want from his jacket. This process is led by a book, which explains every single design detail.

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Too Cool For School is not a definition but a lifestyle projection, there are several pieces and moments that aim to expand the idea of what it is to be a man nowadays: exploring, trying, living & discovering. The website and a magazine expand this idea and reveal the brand’s process.

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